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Mijas is the third municipality of the province of Andalusia in terms of population and extends from the coastal mountain ranges of Penibetica to the Mediterranean Sea. It is located on the Costa del Sol, between Fuengirola and Torremolinos. It is a multicultural municipality, since it has a large number of residents of foreign origin who find in Mijas the perfect place to invest in the Costa del Sol, especially in Mijas, an area that has more than a dozen beaches, An imposing bullring, golf courses, Mijas Carromato Miniature Museum and even a fun water park.

1- Mijas Water Park

It is the perfect place in Mijas to enjoy a sunny day with the small ones of the house and of excellent aquatic attractions like those that are in that place, is one of the places recommended by TripAdvisor to visit in the zone, and is of According to the visitors themselves it is kept in very good condition, it is very well kept and is great for spending a totally different day with family and friends.

It is one of the best water parks on the Costa del Sol and has attractions for both adults and children

It has a large wave pool, where visitors can feel like one of the best beaches, where both children and adults can enjoy, as well as its attractions with a lake, a river, a river The most popular: soft tracks in which a kind of competition is made on mats on a slide to know which of the people comes first and a new attraction: DiverDragón.

Also you can find a children’s pool, the island of the lizards, the labyrinth of slides, a jacuzzi and much more. This park has its own restaurant, a recreational lounge, a picnic area, locker rooms, shops, place for photos and much more.

It usually opens at the end of April and closes at the end of September and opens between 10:30 and 18:00. As for the rates we can add that are the following:

In the case of Adults the price per day is € 24.50 when you buy the ticket at the box office, while if you do it via the web it is € 20.80.

In the case of Junior from 8 to 12 years the price per day is € 18.50 while buying the ticket online you will only pay € 15.70

Those children between the ages of 3 and 7 will only pay € 13.50 when they buy the entrance ticket, while via the web the price is € 11.50.

There are also offers, for example if a family of 2 adults + 2 children from 3 to 7 years old the 2nd child does not pay, and the total amount would be 62.50 € per day when buying the ticket at the box office or 53, 10 € by doing it online.

2- The beaches of Mijas

Virtually any tourist, whether local or foreign who visits the Costa del Sol, wants to know mainly that such are their beaches, that is why we can not leave aside all that is the coastline of this beautiful city when it comes to mention The main tourist destinations of the place, it is for this reason that we want to offer you a kind of count of the most popular beaches of Mijas:

  • La Cala: this is undoubtedly the most popular in the area, not only the tourists themselves, but also TripAdvisor, who has classified it as the first site to visit in the city, it is an urban beach Whose sand is of dark tones, as well as of middle grain. It has some rocky areas and is one of the most visited, especially during the summer season, where you can find people from practically any country. It is one of the widest in Mijas, since it measures 1.6 km in length and has also been awarded with the well-known blue flag, which is awarded each year to those beaches that have all the necessary services and which are also maintained In very good condition. Another reason that makes it one of the most frequented is that it has a very strong nightlife, especially during the weekends, being also the scene of several music events during the summer.
mijas beaches
The beaches are undoubtedly one of the main attractions, not only of Mijas but of the entire Costa del Sol
  • Cape Rock: it is a really small beach, since it has an approximate of 100 meters in length, we can emphasize that its sand is dark and of medium grain, while its swell is of moderate order. It is a beach semi-urban style and does not have much occupation, however it is the perfect place for you to practice some water sports, such as sailing, windsurfing and of course diving.
  • Calahonda beach: it is one of the most frequented in the area, it is a beach of golden sand, of medium grain and its waters are calm. It is a semiurban beach of the biggest of the place, since it reaches about 4.5 km in length which allows it to count with a high degree of occupation. It is also one of the favorite places to practice fishing and diving. According to the opinion of the tourists themselves, it has beautiful gardens and is surrounded by the typical white houses of the region, and off course, luxuries apartaments in Mijas, is without a doubt an excellent place to sunbathe and rest.
  • El Bombo: This is a semi-urban beach of dark sand that is located right next to a cliff, a characteristic that makes it ideal for diving. It has an approximate extension of 1.1 km in length and the degree of occupation is high. It is one of the most frequented during the summer, has surveillance service and other important basic services.

  • El Chaparral: it is a semi-urban beach whose waves are moderate in level and is rocky. As for the degree of occupation we can say that it is medium and its length is wide, since it counts approximately with 4,4. As in Cabo Rocoso you can practice windsurfing, sailing and diving.

3- The Plaza de Toros: one of the few in Spain with an oval shape

Its construction dates from the year 1900, was built by request of a group of neighbors of the area. This square is located on the rock, while the door that allows us to enter the place has been in charge of preserving the landscape as a typical white house which are frequently found in Mijas and other places on the Costa del Sol, like Estepona for example. One of the most interesting peculiarities of this square is that its shape is oval, becoming in this way one of the few in the country to maintain this figure.

Its inauguration took place the 8 of September of the year 1900, from that date they have been celebrated in that place the closures of steers. The origin of this type of enclosures in the city, has as fundamental principle the fact that the steers that came from herds that already existed in the valley of Malaga, did not have the caste enough to come in drawers, as it is carried Out today. Which means that they were brought through canyons and roads from the site to a resting place where today we can find the Hotel Mijas.

According to the opinion of the tourists themselves, we can highlight that it is a very picturesque place, some even consider it an extremely pleasant experience despite not agreeing with this popular practice and recommend to tourists to go to know this place.

It is located in: Paseo de Las Murallas, s / n. 29650 Mijas and the opening hours during the winter is from 10:00 to 19:00 hours from Monday to Sunday, while during the summer it is from Monday to Saturday: from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and Sunday days: From 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Another of the main attractions that it offers is that the price of admission is only € 4.

4- Incredible golf courses

Undoubtedly, Mijas is not lost on the charm of this sport, the most practiced on the entire Costa del Sol, which is why we want to make important mention of the most important golf courses in Mijas, among them we can mention:

La Cala Golf Hotel & Spa has been recognized as one of the finest courses in Andalusia, where visitors and residents alike can enjoy not only this sport but also other interesting activities such as horseback riding, yoga, Pilates , Tennis, mountain biking and even water sports. This site is not only about a golf course, but also has a resort and properties for sale totally deluxe.

golf courses
In the area there are golf courses that are dedicated not only to provide the service to practice this sport, but also have resort, hotel and other activities

Also the resort has its own restaurant where everything is cooked to perfection and with exquisite flavors, each of its bars and restaurants has a unique style. Even there are also events and original weddings that you will never forget. It is located in the Urbanization La Cala Golf s / n. Mijas Costa 29649 Málaga.

Santana Golf: this is one of the most recognized and extensive in the area, was created in 2003 by Cabell B. Robinson, in it you can carry out a tour that is embedded in an old estate of avocados, where Both the design and the vegetation make a perfect harmony to offer an excellent experience to each of the visitors. It is important to note that each hole is totally different, but this difference is not only based on the design, but also on everything related to vegetation.

They handle the following prices:

Green Fee + Shared Buggy 74 €

Groups 8 Green Fees, Buggies Included

Applied 8 x 7 offer

MinPax: € 8,528

It is located on the Carretera La Cala-Entrerrios Golf Valley of Mijas, Mijas-Costa.

The Chaparral Golf Club: this club has been converted since it reopened in one of the most important golf courses on the Costa del Sol. Thanks to the dedication of Antonio Rubio and his family business. The design of this field was by Pepe Gancedo, and has an important feature, and is that it is the only field on the Costa del Sol with 6 pairs 3, 6 pairs 4 and 6 pairs 5. It has a length of 6,000 meters long, great variety of holes and in turn is one of the most demanding, so it will be necessary to have great skills and precision to play there.

At the moment it handles the following prices:

High season

Green Fee 18 holes: € 70

Green Fee 18 h + Buggy: € 85

Green Fee 9 holes: € 40

Green Fee 9 holes + Buggy: 50 €

Low season

Green Fee 18 holes: 50 €

Green Fee 18 h + Buggy: 65 €

Green Fee 9 holes: € 30

Green Fee 9 holes + Buggy: € 40

5- Museum of Miniaturas Carromato de Mijas

Unfortunately, it is a museum that is practically unnoticed by tourists. It is also a place that does not pay much attention, since it is not really attractive on the outside, so people simply decide not to enter. But without a doubt, it is worthwhile to enter and enjoy each of the masterpieces that have been carved, painted and hand drawn in a large number of objects.

Now, it is a small size attraction, but in which you will find many miniature art works. Have you ever wondered about the possibility of carving the 7 wonders of the world on a toothpick? Well here you will find the answer, and it is a definite yes, you will really be surprised to see it, as well as the bust of Abraham Lincoln at the head of a pin.

This place is also known as the Max Wagon, since it kept that name for a total of 40 years. Another famous piece is the Last Supper of Leonardo da Vinci, which has been painted on a grain of rice. A large part of the pieces that are exposed there can only be seen through loupes or optical augmentation systems.

Mijas is also one of the most important stages in terms of horse riding events in the country: it is the Mijas Cup or the Andalusian Grand Prix. It is undoubtedly Mijas, a charming town with very good beaches, its own water park and impressive golf courses, which has allowed a large number of real estate investments to materialize on the Costa del Sol.

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