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Torremolinos is an important municipality of Spain located in the province of Malaga, and which forms part of the Costa del Sol, on the western shore of the bay of Malaga, behind the mountains of Mijas and next to Benalmádena, has been Crowned for a couple of years as the most important tourist destination in Andalucia, being also along with Marbella (the most important city on the Costa del Sol) as the two municipalities that provide the largest offer of accommodation in Andalusia. In this area you can find important areas to visit, such as La Carihuela, one of its most renowned beaches and where very close you can find apartments for sale of luxury and very attractive properties, we also invite you to visit the Botanic Garden Molino de Inca, Plaza La Carihuela, The El Bajondillo Beach, its water park Aqualand Torremolinos and Calle San Miguel.

What’s in Torremolinos?

If the question you are asking is this, it is important to note that the offer is extremely broad, since it is a town that has a very rich cultural and architectural heritage, as well as the rest of the Coast Del Sol, has excellent beaches where you can enjoy a sun that shines at least 300 days a year.

A large number of people who visit this city, both Spanish and from other nationalities are extremely attracted to the locality especially for the good climate which is around 26 degrees Celsius, but also for the quality of its beaches, specifically for its waters And for its sand. Among the most important beaches we can mention the Alamos, La Carihuela, Playamar, Montemar, El Bajondillo and El Saltillo, of which we will speak later. And is that without a doubt its landscapes are just some of the things you can not stop seeing in this place.

However it is not only the beaches that you can not miss, since there are other places of equal importance, such as Calle San Miguel which is located in the old town and is where you will find a variety of shops And international brands. Also you will be able to find in this place with great sites and that are recognized in all the Costa del Sol, such as the Castle of Santa Clara or the Castle of the English. Also you can take a walk around the House of the Navajas, which is nothing more than a building that is located on a cliff in the front of the beach of El Bajondillo and has two floors, from which you can enjoy The excellent landscapes of the area, being in this way the most emblematic building of the area, although today it is in a state of abandonment.

Playa la Carihuela: a paradise on earth

It is one of the most imposing beaches in the area, which has a width of about 40 meters and about 2 kilometers in length. This beach is located in an old fishermen’s neighborhood that bears the same name, being then a place where you will find a large number of restaurants where you can taste a freshly fried fish.

It is an urban beach, whose sand is dark and is located at the western end of the municipality, between the town of Benalmádena and the beach of El Bajondillo. It is one of the most frequented beaches in the city and has all kinds of services, allowing tourists both locals and foreigners to visit frequently to enjoy a successful day in the sun.

It is important to note that La Carihuela is not only a beach, but in turn is one of the busiest areas of the city and the translation of the name of the place could be: the fishing village. It is also one of the areas with the highest real estate offers, since it is where you will find the largest amount of properties for sale in the area, as well as a large number of hotels, among them: Hotel Pez Espada dating from 1957, The Hotel Carihuela Palace which has been open since 1960, the Hotel Tropicana opened since 1961, Hotel Tres Carabelas (1962), Hotel Miami and Hotel Montemar.

According to TripAdvisor La Carihuela Beach is the first place you should visit in the area and as for the comments of tourists we can point out that you can take walks very quiet and relaxing, since it is full of a variety of Restaurants where you can taste the best of the Spanish gastronomy. It is a very pleasant place to walk, not only during the summer season, but also in the winter, whether day or night.

The Botanical Garden Inca Mill: the peace of nature

Qualified as the second place to visit in Torremolinos, Molino de Inca Botanic Garden allows you to enjoy an atmosphere full of peace and tranquility, it has about 4 hectares of extension and its name is due to an old flour mill that carried By denomination: Inca.

This place has a great value in everything related to the botanical, since there will be more than 150 palm trees of 50 different species, as well as about 300 trees of 60 different species, as well as about 400 shrubs of provenances that vary totally.

It is also important to note that the Mill Botanical Gardens of Inca are home to centennial examples of Eucalyptus camaldulensis, Araucaria excelsa, Chamaerops humilis, Ficus nitida, as well as an American walnut of 40 meters, an olive which is about 1000 years old, carob trees; among others.

This is undoubtedly a place to connect with nature, but not for fun, so it is mostly visited by adults and ecologists.

botanical garden
This botanical park is one of the places most visited by adults and the entrance costs only one euro

This place is located just behind the popular water park Aqualand, is a place of small size but without a doubt will impress visitors as they provide a small segment of paradise for all those who come to the place.

Although this garden is located only 20 minutes walking from the center of the city, however upon arriving at the place you will feel as if you are far away from this noisy but beautiful city. Also in the garden you can find an element that is of an ornamental type and is a kind of natural labyrinth of Aligustre (Ligustrum japonicum), which is about 50 meters in diameter, and is located in the center of the garden.

The entrance costs only 1 euro.

Aqualand Torremolinos: a sparkling experience

If your thing is to live the experiences to the extreme then you can not stop visiting this fun water park, since it is perfect to spend an unforgettable day, and best of all it offers the best attractions for both child and adult.

If you are looking for more extreme fun, this water park is excellent for a very refreshing and entertaining day

It is located at Calle Cuba, 10, 29620 and is open during the summer from 11:00 to 18:00. And the tickets have the following prices:



Adult Rate (11-64 years) 28,00 € 26,00 €
Child Rate (5-10 years) 19,00 € 17,00 €
Mini Price (3-4 years) 10,00 € 8,00€
Third Age (+65 years) 19,00 € 17,00 €


At present this site has a large number of attractions, among them we can mention Anaconda for example, which is a slide for children that is about 20 meters long and in turn 2 spirals of speed, adrenaline is the main Characteristic of this attraction where adults can also immerse themselves.

The Super Slalom is one of the favorite attractions of adults, where you can enjoy a fast race with slopes and turns that will leave you excited to the extreme and where you want to ride again and again.

However if you want to take this experience to the extreme we invite you to join the Kamikaze, which is a slide of individual type and that has 22 meters in length where you will slide in a progressive and almost completely vertical, the Hallucination of vertigo will make you scream and enjoy to the fullest.

And for lovers of competition in the water, it has 2 attractions, the first of them Crazy Race, and the second Speed Racer, in the first you can compete along with 3 other participants in an adventure where you will know who it is The fastest on these soft tracks over 45 meters long; While in the second you will immerse yourself in a kind of slide that later leads to a track that will allow you to compete with the rest of the contestants.

Playa El Bajondillo: with a very international atmosphere

This beach is of an urban type, as well as we can highlight that it is dark sand and is located in the north center of Torremolinos, between Punta de la Ciudad, which is separated by the beach of La Carihuela to the south, and the beach Of Playamar, which is located to the north of the town. It has about 1,100 meters in length, while its average width reaches 40 meters. The fact of having practically any type of services, makes that it is very frequented by tourists of any part of the world, and is that the own visitors assure that it has a very international atmosphere.

Even to get to this beach you can come walking from Benalmadena, since the distance is only about 3 kilometers. It is also important to note that it remains very clean, which is essential to enjoy with the family an excellent day in the sun.

And is that even the tourism record in Andalucia has pushed the hotel investments, in this place, where the Hotel Fénix reopened and is expected soon the construction of new and better residential properties.

Restaurants near the El Bajondillo Beach

  • Restaurant Playa Los Gallegos
  • The Macarena
  • The Cat Lounge
  • Chiringuito El Velero
  • Miguel Cerdán Restaurant
  • Restaurant La Brasería
  • Chinese Beach Restaurant
  • MGJamon
  • Bistro Europa
  • Granvinos
  • Restaurant La Piazzetta
  • Coenvi II
  • Bodega Quitapenas
  • Chiringuito La Coquina
  • Nozomi Japanese

San Miguel Street: the favorite place for shopping

Now, almost everyone wants to take a souvenir of our trip, or at least enjoy the fashion in each of the cities we visit, and if the mall is your thing then we invite you to visit Calle San Miguel, which It is the nerve center of the city, and is the one that concentrates everything with regard to commerce.

san miguel Street
This is one of the busiest streets in the area and is also the core of shopping as it is where the largest number of shops

It is practically one of the must visit places, since it is the most popular street of Torremolinos as a result of the large number of shops, of international origin. Ideally, you can visit it with ease and without much trouble so that you can better appreciate each of the stores that have been arranged in the place, as well as the characteristics of the products they sell and of course the prices.

Among some of the shops that are in the place we can highlight:

  • Charanga Torremolinos: a fashion store for boys and girls
  • Yamamay: in which you can find lingerie and accessories for ladies and gentlemen in lingerie stores and shoes for the home.
  • Primor: a recognized perfumery of the zone
  • Stradivarius: where you will find clothing, footwear, underwear and accessories of modern design for women.
  • Pull and Bear: a renowned franchise in Europe and America where you will find collections of urban origin for ladies and gentlemen.
  • Calzedonia: tights, leggings and any type of socks for both men and women and children.

Other places of interest in Torremolinos:

In each of the cities of the Costa del Sol you can find a great variety of places to visit and know, so we want to give you a list of other places recognized in Torremolinos:

  • The church of the Virgen del Carmen
  • The beach Montemar
  • the church of Santa María del Mar
  • The park of La Bateria
  • Crocodile Park
  • Sea beach
  • Los Alamos Beach
  • The House of the Knives
  • Plaza Costa del Sol
  • Pablo Ruiz Picasso Cultural Center

Torremolinos is one of the most imposing cities on the Costa del Sol, which is why it is visited by tourists from Germany, Ireland, France, Spain, Scandinavia, Denmark, China, among others, who in turn check the real estate offers To invest in the area and to stay there to live forever.

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