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Marbella is undoubtedly the most important and imposing city on the Costa del Sol, not only for the locals but also for international tourists, as it has some 24 incredible beaches, which stretch for about 27 kilometers of coastline, All with different characteristics but ready to give you excellent days under that sun that shines for more than 300 days a year and provides a temperature of about 26 degrees Celsius. You can also visit Puerto Banus, which is a famous marina where the most imposing properties for sale, where rich and famous people love to invest and live the fabulous life of Marbella.

And of course the Old Town, is one of the favorite places of this city, which is the most populous municipality of the province of Malaga and the eighth of Andalusia. The Paseo Marítimo is another of the places we want to recommend you, which is always full of people from all over the world during the summer and where you can enjoy excellent dishes in the nearby restaurants, where you will also find the most incredibles properties for sale, one of the favorites places of rich and famous.

27 kilometers of coastline with a total of 24 beaches

Marbella and the Costa del Sol in general is recognized not only in Spain but in the rest of the continent for having very good beaches for the enjoyment of tourists and locals, since it has a great Mediterranean climate where the sun shines for 300 days at Year, as mentioned above, this city has a total of 27 km of coastline where a total of 24 beaches in Marbella with different characteristics are located, however, as a result of the urban expansion of the area, most are beaches Urban or semi-urban.

marbella beaches
Here you will find very famous beaches, such as Puerto Banus and Cabopino

If there is something in common with all these beaches, they have a moderate swell, as well as golden sand, while others have dark sand, some with fine grain, and others with medium and coarse grain. You find some gravel. As for the occupation of the same is usually high or medium, especially during the summer months (between the end of June and the end of September) which is precisely the date in which more tourists are concentrated in the area , Attracted by the bright sun and the fabulous views that this place offers.

Now, among the most popular beaches in the area we can mainly emphasize the beach of Artola or Cabopino as it is also known, which is located in the protected area of the Dunes of Artola, very close to the port of Cabopino. In Marbella there are also a couple of nudist beaches; Among them La Fontanilla and those of Venus which are not only very central but also very visited. And of course we can not fail to mention those of Puerto Banús and San Pedro Alcántara, since both have the blue flag, which is an award that since 1987 is awarded each year by the European Foundation for Environmental Education to those beaches as well As well as to ports that comply with a set of environmental conditions and with adequate facilities.

Nevertheless the most popular beaches of the city are:

  • The beach of Puente Romano.
  • The beaches of the plates between Cabo Pin or Don Carlos, as both are fine sand and the amount of stones is minimal.
  • In the center of the city there is the beach of the Cable, the beach of the Lighthouse, and to Beach of Funny Beach that is the closest to the arch of Marbella.
  • One of the beaches most required by tourism is precisely the beach of Puerto Banus, in which it is very possible that you get with a series of celebrities and people who have a high purchasing power. In addition these are very famous for their parties in the night.

Puerto Banús: a marina full of glamor

Puerto Banus is one of the favorite places of the city, it is perfect to see and to see you, so there is a well known saying in the area and is that if you have not been to Puerto Banus, you simply were not really in Marbella.

puerto banus
If you do not visit Puerto Banus it is as if you had never been to Marbella

It is a recognized marina in the city, where you can see how the yachts of the rich and famous people who live in the area have docked there or who have put them there to have that means of transportation every time they visit Marbella, and which undoubtedly encourages local and foreign tourists to take a walk to admire the magnificence and glamor of the area and is exactly where you will find the best apartments and houses in Marbella and also where are located the most expensives villas in Marbella.

Now, this place is not only a marina for yachts, but at the same time it is the center of the fashion of the city and where you can find high quality boutiques such as: Versace, Louis Vuitton and of course Dior . It is also exactly where the most recognized shopping center on the Costa del Sol is located: El Corte Inglés.

Puerto Banus is a place that you can visit practically at any time of the day, however if you arrive before ten in the morning we recommend that you feel to taste a tasty coffee and that you observe to all the people who walk in the zone, can That you end up with some famous. Now if you are with children we invite you to take a couple of cookies to feed the fish in the port and can observe very closely, this is an important distraction for the little ones of the house and so make the most of your purchases quietly.

While visiting the port during the night you can enjoy some drinks and good music in places such as Havana Hemingway, Seven Puerto Banus, Pink, Cavalli Club Puerto Banus, Funky Buddha, Olivia Valère – Nightclub and Restaurant or in News Coffee.

Now, if you approach the place on a Saturday, we invite you to visit the flea market, which is very close to the bullring, north of Puerto Banus.

Recommended places to eat in Puerto Banús:

Healthy Terra

Picasso Pizza

Los Bandidos Restaurant

Levante Beach Club

Don Leone Restaurant

Route 66 Marbella

Mc Donald’s

The Old Town

Now, on the other hand we want to recommend you to visit the Old Town of Marbella, where you can easily park in the main underground parking in the Park Alameda, which is located between the Old Town and the Paseo Marítimo, which we will talk about later.

When you leave the parking lot you will find the well known Alameda Park, which has a beautiful fountain and lovely flora. This park is not very big, so you can take a quick walk and be able to see everything at the same time as you walk towards the pedestrian zone of the old part of the city, where you will just find fascinating cobblestone streets and a great variety of Shops.

However if your objective is to do a couple of purchases we recommend that you go to the Old Town from Monday to Saturday, since on Sundays, hardly any store opens, except during the summer season, when they are kept open all week. However, if you visit it on a Sunday, for example, it will also be a good place to take a stroll, since there are a large number of cafés where you can taste a sweet or just a coffee.

If you are in the place we invite you to go to Plaza de los Naranjos, which as its name indicates is a square where you can find a large number of these trees, so if you have not yet taken the Breakfast, is a good place to eat some of these fruits and continue with the tour.

From this square you can see different places of interest, such as: the historical fountain, the Town Hall, the chapel of Santiago and the bust of King Don Juan Carlos. Later you can take a walk through the narrow streets of the area and dissipate between them while looking at patios full of flowers, flowers, geraniums, and any kind of natural decoration. Later you will be able to go to the Greater Church of the Incarnation and to its place of cobblestones. Undoubtedly it will be a pleasure to detail this simple but fascinating church whose construction dates from the sixteenth century.

When you reach the church you will be very close to the walls of the Arabian Castle, of which only ruins remain, and although you can not enter you can take a couple of photos to the outskirts.

Recommended places to eat in the Old Town of Marbella:


Tanguito Restaurant


Marisqueria La Pesquera

La Cuisine Restaurant

The Farm Restaurant

The courtyard of Marshal

The Paseo Marítimo

After visiting the historic center we invite you to head back to the parking lot we mentioned earlier to go to the beach. To do this, you must cross the main road again, just like the Parque de la Alameda. After doing so you can see the beach, take the pedestrian walk and you will arrive to Avenida del Mar, where you will find incredible statues, which were built by Salvador Dalí. In the surroundings you will also find important infrastructures that house attractive properties in Marbella.

Again being on the beach you will see the main promenade of the city. If you look at the sea and turn to your right, you can walk and enjoy a large number of shops where you can buy souvenirs of the area or other objects, there you will find kiosks and restaurants where to taste a rich lunch or simply Eat an ice cream And if you have enough time, we invite you to take off your shoes and enjoy some of the water.

During the summer season, both the promenade and the beaches will always be full of people, which will contribute to an excellent atmosphere, and if you want to eat during the night in this area we recommend you make a reservation or Arrive early, since the number of people who wish to do so is really high.

After enjoying a dip in the beach we invite you to if you are with children take a train ride through Marbella in El Trenecito or visit the city in horse carriages.

Recommended places to eat on the Paseo Marítimo:

From Bruno’s

Arrocería Sa Cranca

Arrocería Sa Cranca

Restaurant Café Pesquero

Pizzeria La Placita Restaurant

Golf: the favorite sport of the Costa del Sol

Golf is the most important sport on the Costa del Sol, which is why this area is also known as the Costa del Golf, and of course Marbella could not be left behind in this area, which is why we will offer you a list of The main fields:

Marbella Golf & Country Club

Located in: N-340 Km.188, 29604 Marbella

Phone: 952 83 05 00

It has a design by Robert Trent Jones Sr., has its own restaurant, and there are held several tournaments, the most recent being the Thanksgiving, is only 5 minutes from the center of Marbella, and the rates are :

Greenfee 18 holes 110 € in high season and 92 euros in low season.

Green fee twilight (sunset) € 94 in high season and € 78 in low season.

Green fee 9 holes € 76.50 in high season and € 63.50 in low season.

golf courses
The Costa del Sol is also known as the Costa del Golf, and in Marbella you will find excellent courses to practice this sport

Santa Clara Golf Marbella

Located in: Ctra. N-340 Málaga – Cádiz, Km. 187.5, 29603 Marbella, Málaga

Telephone: 952 85 01 11

It is one of the finest in the city, is also respectful of the environment and is led by Angel Jimenez, who has extensive experience in the sport. As for the rates we can highlight:

Green Fee 18 holes € 95 in high season and € 60 in low season

Green Fee 9 Holes € 60 in high season and € 45 in low season

GF 18 Early Bird, from 08:00 to 08:50 – Buggy included) € 80 in high season and € 60 in low season.

Real Club de Golf Las Brisas

Located in: Calle Londres, 1, 29660 Marbella, Málaga

Phone: 952 81 30 21

It is considered as one of the best golf courses in Spain, it is an exclusive club with great facilities where you can enjoy the best game on the Costa del Golf. It has the following rates:

Green Fee T.A. 220,00 €

Rent of buggy 40,00 €

Electric trolley 15,00 €

Free hand cart

Rental clubs € 48.00

Marbella is undoubtedly a charming city that has hundreds of places of interest and where both locals and tourists can enjoy wonderful days in the sun of the city, on its beaches, as well as in its different ports, be sure to follow Our tips for you to spend the best moments there.

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