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Estepona is a Spanish municipality of the province of Malaga, which is situated in the autonomous community of Andalusia, being in turn one of the most important cities of the Costa del Sol and is right next to Benahavis, counts with a surface of 137 Kilometers and 23 kilometers of coastline, which is one of its attractions, as beaches such as the Rada, Bahia Dorada or Playa del Cristo are frequently visited by local and foreign tourists. The historical center is another of the attractions in the area, as well as the Selwo Aventura theme park, its golf courses and the seafront promenade, which surrounds important properties for sale that are very attractive to buyers by Its proximity to the sea.

1- The Historical Center of Estepona: a very picturesque place

The center of Estepona has been classified as one of the most attractive and striking of the entire Costa del Sol and is without a doubt one of the main sites that you should visit during your stay in this great city, even TripAdvisor has placed it in the first place of all the places of Estepona.

historical center
The historical center of Estepona is one of those places that you can not miss, since it concentrates the best of the tipismo of Andalusia

Both its essence and architecture is the typical Andalusian, which is one of the main reasons that makes you visit immediately and live there a great experience, since it allows you to enter a little more in the culture of this autonomous community, thanks to Its white houses, its pedestrian streets and of course the dose of modernity that can not miss make your stay in this place unique in unforgettable.

And is that within the center of the city there is a number of points of interest that we invite you to know, such as:

Barrio de la Villa: this is the oldest in the whole city and it is also the one that has been characterized by preserving the most important monuments that we will mention below:

Castillo de San Luis: here you can take a well deserved stroll through the remains of San Luis Castle, which was built by the Catholic Monarchs to fortify the town of Estepona. It is located between Villa and Castillo streets, and it is separated through a small passage of the Municipal Market of Abastos and is in turn to very few meters of the building of the Town Hall, the Clock Tower and the Archaeological Museum of the city.

The objective with which it was built was basically the defense of the city and to provide greater security to each of its citizens, in order to encourage the population to increase, as well as to facilitate the repopulation of said area and as a consequence Of this that later there was an expansion at the urban level.

The Square of the Clock: it is basically the centric point of the city, guarded between the market, the town hall and the well-known Remedios Church.

You can also take a walk in the area by the archaeological museum and make a stop in the town square.

The fact that you go walking the pedestrian streets of Estepona, which are usually adorned with a variety of pots and lovely flowers, is what will make you feel and enjoy the best of Andalusia.

Barrio Antiguo: this is a neighborhood of linear type, in which the streets are parallel to the beach, these roads are also narrow with houses for sale that have one or two floors.

Real estate investment in Estepona

The purchase and sale of properties in Estepona is nowadays a highly profitable and stable business, since a large number of visitors and tourists who spend a few days of vacation in the place, are delighted with the area and decide later to acquire a property in The city, such is the case of adults with high purchasing power, who after knowing in depth the Costa del Sol and this imposing city make the decision to buy an apartment with a view to the sea that allows you to live there your retirement and enjoy the Maximum under the sun of this wonderful place.

And is that even recently it has been announced that in Estepona will receive a total of 287 million euros in luxury real estate investments, with that money will be carried out the construction of large residences that will be aimed precisely at those investors with high purchasing power.

2- Its Golf courses: the favorite sport of the Costa del Sol

If there is a sport that defines what is the Costa del Sol and its cities, because without a doubt that would be golf, and is that there are about 100 fields in the entire Costa del Sol, which is why it is also known as The Costa del Golf, during your stay in Estepona we invite you to meet and why not, enjoy a game in the following places:

  • Valle Romano Golf & Resort: This site catalogs itself as a new experience and ensures that it has a design that allows the enjoyment of the players. It is a particular course that has a total of 18 holes, and is ready to host the most demanding and prestigious tournaments in this sport. Its design has become a challenge for those who have more experience. It is undoubtedly a field that has been prepared to one day be a legend and has the following prices:

Green Fee 18 h: during high season (21 February – 15 May • 21 September – 15 November) € 70, while in low season (16 May – 20 September • 16 November – 20 February) costs € 60.

Green Fee 18 h + Buggy: 85 € in high season and 75 € in low season.

Green Fee 9 am: 45 € in high season and 25 € in low season.

It is located in the Urbanization Valle Romano, Club House – C / Villa Borghese nº 1, 29680 Estepona, and it is precisely in this place where you will find not only an excellent place to play golf, but also luxury apartments and properties with views To the sea and to these fields.

golf courses
Estepona like the rest of the Costa del Sol has a wide variety of professional golf courses that are highly visited
  • El Paraiso Golf: this is a first class course designed by the legendary Gary Player, for only 756 euros you can become a member of the club and enjoy all the benefits it offers its members. This club ensures that it has an enviable reputation not only for having one of the most attractive course designs for the championship on the coast (which catches the attention of players from all over the world), but also for being one of the most welcoming area. Today it has the following prices:

Between 1 December and 31 December this year the Green Fee price is € 59. There is also a special offer of 2 green fees including buggy for only € 132.

Also we can make known this price list:

Rent of electric buggy 38 €

Rent of electric buggy (9 holes) for 22 €

Practice balls (25 balls) for only € 2

Rent of Clubs for 30 €

  • Estepona Golf: catalog itself as the perfect course on the Costa del Sol. In addition it claims to be recognized for the proper presentation and breadth of its fairways and tees, ensuring in this way that its greens have become the envy of The other fields of the region.

At the moment it offers certain offers like for example

 Golf, Breakfast & Buggy for 55 euros

 All year round Green Fee for € 45

 Buggy Rental 18 holes for € 25

Real estate agencies in Estepona

As a result of the high number of real estate investments that are carried out in the area, a large number of agencies are involved in the purchase and sale of properties, as well as renting them, in Estepona. to mention:

  • Real Estate Garu Estepona
  • Real Estate Torrealmenara
  • Eugest Real Estate
  • Illusion Properties
  • Real Estate Agency Scandisol
  • Gilmar Estepona
  • Universal Properties Real Estate

In fact there is a large number of these companies which can also advise you on the purchase of real estate, especially if you are a foreigner, where one of the first requirements with which you must count is the NIE (Identity Number of Foreign), which will be vital in this process, not only to be able to purchase the property but also to apply for mortgage loans in the different banking entities.

3- Its beaches: ideal for children

Obviously we can not speak of one of the cities of the Costa del Sol, in this case Estepona not to mention its beaches, since they are considered as one of the first points of attraction by tourists, especially British, German, Danish , French, among others who visit the area especially during the summer and want to enjoy an excellent day under the sun, then know the best of Estepona:

  • Playa del Cristo: According to the experiences reported by the visitors on Tripadvisor it is a small and sheltered beach but it is ideal for the little ones of the house since it is like a kind of bay and there are practically no waves. It has a great charm and could even be classified as the best in the city. Some consider it as a jewel, since it has no stones, is kept clean and the environment is clearly familiar.

  • Playa de la Rada: is another of the most popular and also visited in Estepona, the main difference with the aforementioned is that this is a little wider, has a play area for children’s enjoyment, and is Long enough to enjoy a walk through it, one of its negative features is that it has some stones. The parking on the promenade has an approximate cost per day of 15 euros, while the hammocks with umbrella to 4 euros.

In the area you can also find other beaches such as:

  • Golden Bay
  • Playa de la Galera
  • Playa del Padrón
  • Playa del Río
  • Playa el Castor
  • Beach Costa Natura

4- Selwo Adventure: a theme park and zoo

Selwo Aventura is a theme park and zoo belonging to the Parques Reunidos chain, which is located in the Andalusian municipality of Estepona, in the province of Malaga.

selwo aventura
The theme parks make up an important group of activities on the Costa del Sol, where you can find water parks and dolphinariums, in the case of Estepona there is this zoo

It is important to note that this park is wide, since it has an area of 100 hectares and is capable of displaying more than 2000 animals of different species that come from any continent.

Also it is important to emphasize that it offers leisure activities such as archery, hanging bridges, tirolina and rides in dromedaries. One of the main benefits is that this theme park has a couple of educational and playful classrooms for the little ones in the house. Also it is important to emphasize that in turn it has a hotel in its interior and even lodging in cabins, which is essential for those tourists who wish to live the experience to the maximum.

Some of the species that can be found in said park:

  • Chapman’s Zebra
  • Asian elephant
  • Cheetah
  • Giraffes
  • Arctic Wolf
  • Lions
  • White Rhinoceros
  • Red panda
  • Common Hippopotamus
  • Black Swan
  • Wild turkey
  • Nile crocodile
  • Green or common anaconda

As for the prices and rates we can highlight that currently the season pass is being sold for 2017, which will not only allow you to enter Selwo Aventura, but also to other places like Selwo Marina Delfinarium and Benalmádena Cable Car and has The following prices:

Adult: € 59.00

Child (3-10 years) / Retired: € 49.00

Family (from 5 members or 4 being a disabled person Price per person) € 49.00

5- Paseo Marítimo: an unbeatable walk

It is a charming place where you can relax and walk while enjoying the sound of the sea, has an excellent temperature, especially at night, where there are also some activities for the enjoyment of visitors.

Even some visitors say that this is the best promenade in town on the Costa del Sol, not only because of its spaciousness but also because it is kept very well kept, it is an ideal place to have an aperitif or enjoy a couple of drinks, Sports lovers love to run in the early hours of the morning around the area.

Restaurants near the seafront:

  • “PACO” beach bar
  • Bar Freiduria A. Illescas
  • Pizzeria Resto-Bar Calabria
  • Restaurant El Pescador
  • Robbies
  • La Rada Restaurant
  • Central Beach Restaurant
  • La Pampa Restaurant of Estepona SL
  • Restaurant La Escollera
  • Restaurant La Casa del Rey

Estepona has a large number of areas to visit, including the Plaza de las Flores, Estepona Marina, Estepona Orchid Park, Doctor Arce Square, Laguna Village Shopping Center, the Art Mural Route, among others.

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