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Benahavís is a small but grand city located on the Costa del Sol, it is located just between 2 other important locations, such as Marbella and Estepona. It is a mountain village that, despite not having a beach, is only 7 kilometers from it, is also known as the dining room of the Costa del Sol, due to the wide variety of gastronomy. The Castle of Montemayor is one of the places you can not miss, since from there we assure you that you will have one of the most magnificent views of the Costa del Sol, it also has about 10 golf courses, to practice this spectacular sport , The River Guadalmina, and of course excellent restaurants, where you can taste exquisite dishes. The tranquility and tipismo of this place attract thousands of tourists every year, who even after knowing the city, decide to buy an apartment in Benahavís that allows them to have to go to that place more often and to enjoy all its kindnesses.

Prestigious golf courses

Golf is one of those sports that can not go unnoticed on the Costa del Sol, where there are a hundred fields dedicated to the practice of this sport; And of course Benahavis does not escape from it and offers about 10 golf courses, we know the best and the rates offered to those who visit.

golf courses
Benahavís has excellent golf courses where some also offer the opportunity to practice other sports like tennis

Los Arqueros Golf & Country Club: not only is one of the most important in this town, but also in the first place of the top of sites to visit that has prepared TripAdvisor. This is the first field designed by Seve Ballesteros in Spain; As its own designer has mentioned, is an excellent course for players of all types, which means without a doubt a prudent challenge for middle golfers and even a test for those who already have high experience.

On the Costa del Sol there are three seasons to play golf, the High season that starts on 10/1/16 and ends on 11/30/16, we can also talk about the Middle season that begins on 01/09/16 and Finishes 09/30/16 but that counts in turn with another date of beginning and closing, and is the following: from 01/12/16 until 12/31/16, and finally it is important to mention what is the low season, which starts on 06/01/16 and ends on 08/31/16.

In the case of most golf courses, their prices are regulated according to low and high season, however in the case of Arqueros Golf & Country Club, it does so based on those three seasons, that is why it counts With the following prices:

Options High Season Mid Season Low Season


Green Fee 18Holes 69€ 49€ 43€
Twilight From 15:30 € 46 From 15:30 € 34  

From 16:00 € 31


Green Fee 9 Holes 44€ 31€ 29€
Junior 18 Holes 35€ 25€ 21€
Junior 9 Holes 23€ 16€ 15€


It also provides space for other sports such as tennis, paddle and squash, in the case of the first 2 hours of play has a cost of 10 euros, while half an hour of squash costs 15 euros.

It is also important to note that this place not only provides spaces for sports, but also has attractive properties for sale, so golf lovers are highly interested in acquiring one of them and live much more closely Golf experience.

El Higueral Golf: this is one of the most surprising courses on the Costa del Sol. It is a great course between Marbella and Benahavís, which at the same time provides visitors with a spectacular playing environment, as well as a Spectacular view of the whole place, which also has a design that is highly innovative and at the same time is able to combine in a perfect way what is the difficulty of said sport, fun and the best of nature.

It is also important to note that in order to stay at the top of the golf courses of this town, it has an exceptional level of maintenance and where visitors and players will be able to tour it in its entirety quietly.

As for prices we can highlight that unlike the field mentioned above provides a single price throughout the year and are as follows:

Green Fees Prices

The 9-hole service is priced at € 35

Early Bird (9 holes with cart or buggy, 8-9 am) € 38

All day € 49

Twilight € 28

Real Estate in Benahavís – Costa del Sol

The tranquility and peace of the place is one of the main qualities of this beautiful town, which makes both local and foreign tourists make the decision to make real estate investments, such as buying an apartment in which they can stay quietly Every time they are visiting and thus save on hotel expenses, so many of them decide to rent them while they are not in the place and thus get some extra euros.

It is even important to add that Taylor Wimpey himself will invest 34 million to build 92 homes in Benahavis and that the creation of this promotion will be the continuation of the development that began the company in Los Arqueros Golf.

In this place you can find very good and attractive purchase options, and is that for example a villa for sale of € 525,000, it is a country house with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a parking place, has an area of 298 meters Square and fully equipped wooden kitchen.

On the other hand, it is important to note that as a result of the wide range of real estate that exists in the area, you can also find a large number of agencies dedicated to buying and selling properties, including:

  • PropertieSpain
  • House & Country Real Estate Andalucia
  • Alfonso Lacruz – RE / MAX Eralia
  • The Balcon de Benahavis SL
  • Los Arqueros Estates
  • The Fifth Real Estate Group
  • Friend Real Estate

Montemayor Castle

It is an important fortification of the area that was built in the tenth century and which has still managed to conserve a significant part of its walls in very good condition. In this place, the Tower of the Queen is still conserved to date, being its most striking part for tourists, because in that place you can still see the traces of what were your rooms, as well as a well.

montemayor castle
It is one of the oldest buildings in the area and from which you will have an incredible view of the entire Costa del Sol

This building is of great relevance for the place, not only because from there you can have one of the best views of the entire Costa del Sol, but also because it had a significant role in the times in the battles that took place Between the different kingdoms of Taifas of Al-Andalus as a result of its strategic value, because it is possible to observe more than 100 Kms. Of Spanish coast and all of Africa.

Throughout the territory of Benahavis one can locate several watchtowers, which were in charge of forming at one time a perceptive defensive barrier, such as those of Leonera, Alcuzcuz, Tramores or Daidín.

Hiking in the Guadalmina River

In this place important hiking routes are carried out, which are not recommended during the summer season, since the heat makes difficult to carry out these activities, however we can emphasize that the beginning of this route begins just to the south of the municipality Of Benahavís next to the Pond of the Mozas, which has been declared a natural heritage.

One of the main benefits of this place is that it is very easy to find that place, since it is located just before the round that is located in the welcome to Benahavis and from there you will surely be able to perceive people taking a bath of Placid manner in its large number of wells. In this place it is also very common that we can observe a large number of people sitting in that place sharing with their friends or just enjoying a couple of snacks, as if a beach was to spend the day, some simply go to eat something, Spend a different time and during the summer simply sunbathing.

It is a perfect area to relax and enjoy the best of nature, once you take the route along the river Guadalmina River, which takes at least 2 hours and from which surely you will return soaked feet To head you can have enjoyed a lovely experience, and is the perfect place to capture very striking photos.

However, it is important to note that the degree of difficulty of this course will require a certain skill, including the climb is really tricky and is not an act for the whole public, so it is recommended to have a good physical condition and have performed Previously this type of activities.

Lovely gastronomy and great restaurants

As previously mentioned, Benahavis is also known as the dining room of the Costa del Sol, so we also want to do a count of the most important restaurants in the area, among them we can mention the following:

Amanhavis Hotel & Restaurant

It is a rustic yet elegant restaurant specializing in serving “Cuisine du Marché” whose translation is “market cuisine”. To offer the best dishes, the chef of the restaurant goes out daily to take a couple of laps around the markets that are located in the surroundings so that he can buy the freshest foods of the season and in this way to offer a different menu everyday.

lovely gastronomy
Gastronomy is precisely one of the strongest points of Benahavis, which is why it is known as the dining room of the Costa del Sol

It is for this reason that the guests will be able to choose from a total of 6 entrees, 8 main courses and four desserts that vary daily. As for the place as such we can say that it resembles in large measure that of a pleasant living room, in which any person will be able to feel as if he were in his own house, while he will be able to enjoy some dishes And a really wonderful evening. During the summer season you will also be able to enjoy the tranquility of your sunsets by sitting on the terrace around the pool.

Prices of appetizers range from € 6.95 to € 9.95 and you can find options such as: Prawn Coast Soup with Garlic Flute or Grape Salad, Apples, Pine Nuts and Nougat Vinaigrette.

The main dishes start at € 17.95 and can reach € 24.95 for a Venado sirloin with light Mango sauce, there are also other attractive dishes such as red tuna solomon on a touch of pesto sauce and sorbet Wasabi.

This site is located at Calle Pilar 3, 29679 Benahavis, Malaga, Costa del Sol.

Los Abanicos

It is another of the most important places to eat in the area, which is defined as a central restaurant with a wide family tradition. It has a terrace, independent access, a public bar and two rooms with classic lines. As for the cuisine we can say that it is traditional, it also has a garden from which you can taste their dishes.

Tourists say that the service in this place is excellent, and that although it can be a bit expensive, the quality of each of the dishes they offer makes it worthwhile.

One of the main bulwarks of this restaurant is that each of the dishes served there has an important taste of art and a lot of professionalism, which has made the visitors define it as “a fair of flavors for the palate“.

As for prices we can say that it is a little more expensive than the previous one, since the price per person could be about 45 €, the sirloin of beef being one of the most popular dishes of the place.

Undoubtedly Benahavis is a charming town, which ensures excellent golf courses for the enjoyment of this prodigious sport, as well as very good restaurants, which is primordial for tourists, is even a quiet area and nearby Of other major cities, which is one of the most attractive for investors, who wish to buy a property abroad.

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