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Fuengirola is a city and municipality of the province of Malaga in Andalusia and in turn a town of the Costa del Sol, located between Mijas and Marbella, its beaches are located towards the southeast and has a coastal strip of about 8 kilometers. At the same time, it has very important sites dedicated to tourism, such as Bioparc, a park to live a very special adventure, of course its beaches, the promenade, its squares: Plaza Constitución and Plaza de los Chinorros, and the market of Fuengirola, very popular, especially among tourists and Some investors who travel to the Costa del Sol and this city to check the properties for sale and realize real estate investments.

1- Bioparc: a new model of animal park

Bioparc Fuengirola is a site that has a new model of animal park which is based both on the preservation of each of the species that live there and on properly respecting nature, achieving to be in this way a model that has managed to become In the rest of the continent. Its inauguration was carried out in 1978, however it is for 1999 when it is reformed and in this way it changes its classic denomination of Zoo of Fuengirola by “Bioparc Fuengirola” the following year.

This park has been recognized by different media for keeping animals in spaces very similar to their own habitat

It is specifically a park in which the fauna can coexist in a kind of design of its natural habitat, which undoubtedly allows its development at practically all levels. That is why we invite you to visit this place and feel as you gradually go into the disturbing but surprising tropical forests of Madagascar, the islands of the Indo-Pacific, Southeast Asia or Equatorial Africa.

This place is characterized not only by providing a new model of animal park, but also by having an architecture design known as zoo-immersion, in which visitors are immersed in the closest environment of each Of the animals that are concentrated there. In general this whole site has been designed to make the visitor who is involved in the true habitat in which each of the species that you will find there lives.

This animal park is the one that receives the most visits in Andalucia and even prestigious media such as the National Geographic magazine of Spain, the half Time, or the magazine of Japan Landscape Design have recognized through its pages the avant-garde design with the That counts the place.

Some of the animals you can find in the park:

  • Nile crocodile
  • Sumatran tiger
  • Green Java Peacock
  • Ethiopian Blue-throated Goose
  • African soft shell turtle
  • Pink Flamenco
  • Western pygmy hippopotamus
  • South African porcupine
  • African giant snail
  • Sri Lankan Leopard
  • Red fox
  • Komodo dragon
  • Giant Tortoise from the Galapagos Islands, among others

Ticket prices are as follows:

General admission ie adult has a cost of € 19.90 and in case of groups of € 15.90

The entrance for children (3 to 9 years) is around € 14.90 while if you go in groups it costs € 11.90

Those over 65 must pay a total of € 15.90 and if they go in groups only € 12.90

And in the case of disabled the entry has a price of 11.50 € while in the case of groups only 9.90 €

2- Its 8 kilometers of beaches

Without a doubt you can not leave Fuengirola or the Costa del Sol in general without visiting its renowned beaches, in the case of this city, has 8 kilometers of coastline that you will surely enjoy to the maximum. In the area you will find a total of 7 beaches which are urban and all suitable for bathing.

Even in 2009 this municipality was the only one in the whole country to become the only one in which all its beaches have been awarded the blue flag, which means that this place has all the features and adequate services.

Its beaches are low and sandy, and its waters we can say they are very quiet, you can all easily reach through the Paseo Marítimo which is another of the places that you can not miss visiting in Fuengirola and which we are going to talk about later.

One of its most popular beaches is Los Boliches – Las Gaviotas, which is an urban type beach, has an area dedicated to disabled people and has dark sand and its waters as the rest of the beaches in the area are really Quiet, allowing you to enjoy an incredible day in the company of family and children, is located in the neighborhood of Los Boliches, one of the most prestigious areas and where you can find incredible apartments for sale that are really attractive for Investors both local and abroad, since they mostly have what everyone is looking for: terraces overlooking the sea.

It has approximately 1,100 meters of length, it is a beach that has a high level of occupation and that in turn has all the services of the urban beaches.

The Playa del Castillo is undoubtedly another of the places you can not miss, is also known as El Egido beach, it is dark sand and unlike the previous one, its swell is moderate, it is also located just Side of Sohail Castle, which is located on a hill, it is a fortress that we invite you to visit, since it is more than 2000 years old and is open to the public only during the summer season, in which concerts and Other events like the Oktoberfest.

Practically any beach is recommended in the area, which is why we invite you to also visit the rest:

  • Playa Carvajal
  • White Tower
  • San Francisco
  • Fuengirola
  • Santa Amalia

3- Paseo Maritimo Promenade: a place to visit all year round

The promenade of the city is undoubtedly one of the most relaxing places in the area, which has allowed it to be one of the most frequented, since it is also the one that allows to communicate with each one Of the beaches of Fuengirola, some tourists rate it as “beautiful” while others like “ideal”, the truth is that without a doubt here you can enjoy an excellent view of the sea, or you can just walk along it and Watch as the sun goes down every afternoon.

It is the perfect place to walk, skate or even exercise very close to the sea, it is an area full of life, thanks to the tourists who frequently visit the area and who are usually staying very close to the place, since a few steps You will find exclusive apartments in Fuengirola as well as luxury houses and villas with extensive gardens and private pools.

One of the main qualities of this seafront is that it has a wide range of gastronomic options, as it is surrounded by bars and restaurants among them:

  • Los Marinos José Restaurante
  • Laundry service
  • Beach umbrellas and deck loungers
  • Adriatic Restaurant
  • Restaurant La Calesa
  • Punjab Indian Restaurant
  • Carpe Diem Fuengirola Restaurant
  • Pizzeria Primavera
  • Mezzanotte
  • Restaurant Paganini
  • Madrid Beach Restaurant

It is so relaxing this place that even tourists have written on TripAdvisor that is the perfect space to read a book or even to write it, as well as to meet people from anywhere on the planet.

4- Plaza Constitución and Plaza de los Chinorros

The Constitution Square is undoubtedly a square with history, in addition one of the main benefits is that it is located very centrally, and it was built just where people previously met to see each other. Very close you will find very good bars and restaurants, not a place to spend all day, but to meet, take some photos and share a different moment.

These squares are very crowded, since to the surroundings you will find a large number of bars and restaurants where you can spend a very pleasant time

During the Christmas season is highly frequented, since it is lit with many lights and allows you to enjoy the dates with family and friends.

Restaurants near Constitution Square:

  • Restaurant El Río
  • Poncho’s Restaurant
  • Bodega La Solera Restaurant
  • Mexican Restaurant El Paso
  • Adriatic Restaurant
  • China City
  • Rodizio SteakHouse Cocktail
  • Eliten 2015

The Plaza de los Chinorros

It is another of the most recommended places to walk and enjoy a pleasant time in the company of family and friends or even if you are traveling alone, one of the main qualities is that it has always been kept very clean and with excellent services. It is kept very well maintained, has a large number of benches to sit and observe, as well as many terraces to spend a pleasant time.

During times and special dates such as Halloween or Christmas, it is usually very crowded as the atmosphere that is lived and breathed is very lively, which has allowed it to become one of the most representative places of the city of Fuengirola.

Another of the qualities that make this place one to visit is that it is known as a “square for tapas”, that is to say, that there are a large number of bars that offer tapas (a kind of snacks or very common entrees in the Country), and is that q despite being a small square, is a square with a lot of charm.

Restaurants near Plaza de los Chinorros

  • Primeat
  • Pelagambas
  • Casa Roberto
  • Pizzeria la Pergola Restaurant
  • Jing Sheng Trading SL.
  • The Salmoreteca Market Gallery
  • New York
  • The Corner of Chinorros
  • Market the Gallery
  • Winery Charolais
  • Taberna Oliva
  • Two Seas
  • Picoteo
  • Pure Iberian
  • Bodega Charolais Restaurant
  • Kavana La Fruteria
  • House Colon

5- The Mercadillo of Fuengirola

In this town are held two extremely traditional markets, the first of them on Tuesdays and Sundays, while Saturdays is done but with second hand products. Both open on a schedule between 09:00 and 14:00 hours.

mercadillo of fuengirola
El mercadillo es igualmente muy visitado, ya que permite adquirir a muy buenos precios productos locales tanto nuevos como usados

Tuesday’s Market

Every Tuesday, excluding those that are festive or those that coincide with other fairs and festivals such as those of the Rosary that are held from 6 to 12 October, or those of the Carmen held during the month of July, or Last the Peoples Fair between April and May, you can enjoy one of the largest markets of the Costa del Sol and Andalucia, which already has more than 450 stalls offering anything you can imagine. This market takes place in the Feria de Fuengirola.

Among these establishments you will be able to find a wide variety of merchandise and a series of products that attract the attention of tourists, especially those who come from other countries, since they usually find other species of rare objects in their nations, and the Which go from the textile or footwear through the plants and flowers, as well as snacks, such as nuts, sweets, great variety of fruits and of course what can not miss: crafts of various cultures and competitive prices.

Saturday Market

In the same place you can find every day Saturday – from 9.00 to 14.00 approximately the flea market of used products – with the exception of those that are festive or that coincide in the dates mentioned above or with the International Fair of The Peoples that takes place between the months of April and May.

In this case the flea market is a little less, since it has little more than 300 establishments, where you can find a wide variety of second hand items, especially: handicrafts, books in different languages, computer items, antiques , Bicycles, jewelry, tools of all kinds, music, refrigerators, articles of decoration, videos, household items, curiosities, footwear, furniture, car spare parts, washing machines, sports articles, small appliances and much more.


Finally it is worth mentioning a small market that takes place every Sunday in the street Méndez Nuñez, that is, behind the church located in the area known as the Doña Sofía park. This market opens at approximately 9am and remains until 2pm.

Fuengirola is one of the cities that you can not miss during your stay on the Costa del Sol, as it has a great variety of places to see, including some that we have not mentioned, such as the Fuengirola River Pedestrian Bridge, Sould Park , The Salon Varietes Theater, the Finca Of the Secretary, among others, where you will surely spend a pleasant and different time.

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