Top 10 Factors that drive Property Sales in Costa del Sol


The Costa del Sol is undoubtedly one of the main areas of España that most investments in Real Estate in Costa del Sol receive each year, and the factors that have allowed this to be so are related to the quality of life of the Area, mainly for its Mediterranean climate, which provides about 320 days of sunshine, in addition there are real estate offers really attractive in the area, especially as houses, villas and luxury apartments for sale, on the other hand there are a variety of tourist sites and Of entertainment to visit that make it an excellent business.  Also it is important to emphasize that in the zone a great amount of properties are constructed to the surroundings of the golf courses, so that they have excellent views and to make them more attractive

1- A great Mediterranean climate

The Costa del Sol is undoubtedly known for providing an excellent Mediterranean climate, in which you can enjoy more than 300 days of sun, about 320, a point that draws special attention to investors from other European countries Usually through terribly cold winters, such as Russia, Scandinavia, France, the United Kingdom, Great Britain, Denmark, among others; People of medium and high purchasing power in the area simply prefer to flee from this climate and take refuge in other areas that allow them to enjoy the sun.

And just the place to escape and enjoy an excellent quality of life is the Costa del Sol. The climate in this privileged area of Spain has also been called “desert”. Since there is usually no rain throughout the year, on the contrary, there is almost always a glowing sun that invites visitors to visit the renowned beaches of the area that expand on the coast which extends along Of 185 km of Mediterranean coast and that limits with the province of Granada to the east and with Gibraltar to the west.

The climate of the zone enters the classification of BWh by the system Köppen-Geiger. This also lets us know that the annual average temperature in Costa del Sol is about 24.3 ° C, while the annual precipitation is 192 mm.

This is undoubtedly one of the most important factors that have driven the purchase and sale of properties for sale in Costa del Sol.

2- Attractive Real Estate Offers on the Costa del Sol

Now, if we talk about those reasons or reasons that drive the purchase and sale of properties on the Costa del Sol every year, we can not leave aside that for these real estate transactions to take place there must be very good Real Estate offers , And is precisely the point that we will touch next, since this area is synonymous with luxury, attractive properties, large terraces with sea view and the greatest comfort possible.

And it is for example in Marbella the most important city on the Costa del Sol, and which is also one of the areas where properties are more expensive, and is that for example a villa in this city can cost about 900,000 Euros and have the following qualities:

  • Contemporary style villa
  • Southwest facing
  • A few meters from Los Naranjos Golf Club
  • A few minutes driving from Marbella and Puerto Banús.
  • It was completely remodeled in 2012
  • It has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms
  • It is completely modern
  • It has a large terrace with beautiful sea views
  • Private pool surrounded by a teak deck and a gas fireplace with remote control for outdoor enjoyment by the pool
  • Private entrance for two cars
  • Air conditioning hot / cold in each room
  • Additional community pool
Most of the properties in the area have private swimming pools, which is one of the main features that foreign investors are looking for


3- Europe’s first destination for golf lovers

There is a point that is undoubtedly the most important when it comes to the factors that have allowed a boost in the purchase and sale of houses and apartments in the area, and undoubtedly has to do with the golf courses in The area, and is that there are a total of 100 fields, which makes it also known as “The Coast of Golf“, this has allowed the region has been listed as the first destination of the European continent for golf lovers.

golf-courses Also exist in the area a large number of properties located within the golf courses, which are equally very attractive

And is that in fact there are few places like the province of Malaga that are in the capacity to gather in the same place so many interesting sites: this is a place that provides magnificent infrastructures of modern golf courses that allow to carry out the practice of this Great sport, which is extremely popular in the area as a result of the varied entertainment and a privileged climate that we talked about earlier, as it allows both tourists and those who live in the area to play golf all year round, Since the rains are really scarce.

It is also important to note that most of the golf courses have been built by real estate, which is undoubtedly a unique attraction, as buyers will have the opportunity to live more closely all the passion for Golf and being immersed in a very sporty environment.

Besides that it is a privilege without doubt to be able to live in a space from which one has a wonderful view to the sea but also on the other hand also to the golf courses, it is an unequaled union.

Some of the golf courses in the area:

  • El Paraíso Golf – Estepona
  • La Cala Golf – Mijas
  • Los Arqueros Golf & Country Club – Benahavís
  • Santa Clara Golf Marbella – Marbella
  • Golf in Spain – Fuengirola
  • Golf Torrequebrada – Benalmádena

4- Residence Permits granted to great buyers

A couple of years ago, the Spanish Government launched what is known as the Law of Entrepreneurs, which includes a very important and vital point for international buyers, and is that those who buy a property for 500,000 euros or More will be able to access the residence visa, which will allow them to live in a legal way, not only the buyer but also their husband or wife and their children.

This law, which applies throughout the country, has also been an important factor in boosting the sale of properties in the area, which in general, those that are modern, wide and attractive exceed this budget and allow them to obtain the permit.

5- 124 great beaches

As its name suggests, this area has wide coasts and well-known beaches, which is a great attraction that has allowed to boost the purchase and sale of properties in the area, since practically nobody could not be attracted by real estate investment In an area with wide and striking beaches, in addition if there is a characteristic that defines the houses and apartments of the area would be that most of them have large terraces with sea view.

The properties on the beach front are the most exclusive, because a few steps you can have the beach and all its benefits

That the Costa del Sol has a total of 124 beaches is undoubtedly an important factor that has driven the real estate business in the area, especially by foreigners who do not have such privilege in their countries and that as a result of That there are more than 300 days of sunshine a year, they can visit them practically during any time.

The peace, tranquility and relaxation that this coast offers is incomparable, and is that even in the area there are properties in front of the beach, which allows the owners of these properties to have the beauty of the sea a few meters, which is A great attraction for Londoners, French, Scandinavians, Britons, among others who flee the strong winter in their countries.

In Torremolinos, for example, the beach of El Bajondillo is one of the most popular, while in Marbella you can not miss Puerto Banus one of the most important sports centers in the Mediterranean and from which you can access the different beaches.

6- The properties are revalued by about 30%

However, beyond the natural attractions that the area offers such as its 124 beaches or sports constructions that have given rise to 100 golf courses in the area, there is a feature that is vital and is both great Importance for the people who make the decision to buy a property on the Costa del Sol, and has to see precisely that said property is revalued or not, that is to say that it gains or loses value over time, since with the wide offer Real estate that there is and new constructions every year that is one of the main fears.

However, a report published by the EuroResidentes portal has highlighted that in the province of Malaga in which the Costa del Sol is located, properties can be revalued by up to 30% in a single year, which is why Which in the different cities in the area, there is often a high number of second hand properties for sale, since there are a large number of people who simply buy real estate for a couple of years to sell them more expensive and win up to thousands of Euros in a very simple way.

Today, the Costa del Sol has managed to maintain itself as one of the areas that offers the greatest amount of benefits to its investors, which has allowed to generate a yearly increase in the price of the square meter of the appraised dwelling that it has exceeded in At least 10 points the Spanish average and the rest of the tourist areas of the country.

7- A large business for rentals

However, there is also another important reason that has allowed the rise of this type of business on the Costa del Sol, and has to do precisely with the business of rent, given that 40% of buyers Of properties in the region are of foreign origin, many of them acquire these houses to simply have a place to stay in their visit to the area, but that in other times those spaces are empty, that is why they decide to rent them and get some euros for that business, in a really simple way.

And is that precisely those people who carry out real estate investments, high-standing will have the opportunity to rent such properties and generate extra income. And is that for example an independent villa in a private urbanization in Benalmádena with 600 square meters, 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 2 floors, large terrace, on a plot of 1.600 m² Plot, this is a completely modern and stylish property , And which is rented for a monthly price of 5,000 euros, which is an excellent business, not only for tourists but also for locals.

8- Beautiful spots of entertainment in the cities

Now, nobody will want to invest in an area that has no entertainment and / or recreation, simply because although it has very good beaches, you will need other places to visit, and right here, the most important cities count With excellent places for family enjoyment, as a couple or with friends, for example

In Marbella you can find Puerto Banus, one of the most important in the area, and the old town is an ideal place to visit and taste a good dish, the promenade is perfect for walking and relaxing and of course the golf courses .

In Benahavís there is the imposing golf course: El Higueral Golf, Montemayor Castle, and for those who love outdoor adventure you can visit the Guadalmina River.

While in Torremolinos, you can not miss the wonderful La Carihuela Beach, the botanical garden Molino de Inca, and the fabulous water park: Aqualand Torremolinos.

9- A powerful tourism all year round

Most of the regions dedicated to tourism have a high number of visits during specific dates, which have been called high season, however the Costa del Sol has managed to overcome what is called seasonality of the stations, which means that during All year long you can witness a high flow of tourists.

This is one of the main factors that increases the number of rents, especially for those tourists who prefer the comfort and privacy that they can rent a property, which can also be cheaper than paying a hotel, it is for this reason That many finally decide to buy a property as a result of the high tourist flow, with the purpose of renting it and even living of said rent.

10- A multicultural environment

As mentioned above, this region has a high presence of people from any part of Europe or even from the Asian continent, so investing in the place is a multicultural experience that will allow you to meet personalities from anywhere, share new experiences and To have friends from anywhere in the world.

The Costa del Sol has been an example of progress in Spain, it is an area that has a large and important Real Estate business as a result of the factors we mentioned above, and is expected to continue increasing for the year 2017 demonstrating This way the ample potential that counts the zone.

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  5. The Costa del Sol is undoubtedly one of the most important sites in Spain, I chose it for its great weather

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