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Sotogrande is a splendid urbanization that belongs to the Spanish municipality of San Roque in the region of Campo de Gibraltar and very close to one of the most important cities of the Costa del Sol, Estepona. Sotogrande has a large number of things to do, among them we can mention the Port of Sotograndethe Polo Santa Maria, the beach of Torreguadiaro, Real Club Valderrama, the Beach of Guadalquitón, among others. Most of them are dedicated to everything related to sports equipment, which together with the wide range of hotels available in the area is what has allowed it to be an important core of real estate investments and therefore there is a wide range of properties for sale.

Polo Santa Maria: excellent course in a privileged environment

When we talk about polo practice in Spain, without a doubt one of the main places that comes to mind is Sotogrande, since it is one of the main cities to practice it and therefore it is home to some of the most important Country, one of them is Polo Santa Maria, which has also been cataloged according to TripAdvisor as the first place to visit in the area.

santa maria polo club
Polo Clubs have a high prestige in the area and this is just one of the most recognized in Sotogrande

And is that according to the opinion of its visitors we can highlight that it is a great place to enjoy this engalanado sport, also there are performed international shows, the atmosphere is extremely pleasant so you can enjoy a day totally Different as well as do some shopping and taste the best flavors in your own restaurant.

In Santa María Polo Club you can enjoy the best polo of the European continent and at the same time savor all the experiences that are offered to the visitors in each one of the events that take place there. It is undoubtedly a place to enjoy the best of this sport, as well as local and international cuisine, carry out the shopping and of course spend a pleasant and pleasant time with the rest of your family.

The access to the place is simple, being important to emphasize that it is located in Finca Los Pinos, Carretera A7 (Direction Málaga), at Exit A133 · 11310. Sotogrande – San Roque, Cádiz, also has a comfortable and ample parking where Quietly park your car and enjoy this club that for years has been in charge of receiving the best polo teams anywhere on the planet.

Also we can emphasize that if what you want is to acquire objects or gifts that are related to the pole, simply must give you a walk between the tribunes, there you will find very good details. Also it has premises destined to the sale of foods and some fresh drinks, so that you enjoy to the maximum of this enchanting sport.

If you want to live a different experience in an atmosphere full of elegance, then Santa Maria Polo Club is the place that you must visit.

Luxury Properties in Sotogrande

Sotogrande is a place where luxury, avant-garde, modernism and glamor blend to offer each one of its inhabitants, as well as its citizens an atmosphere of tranquility and relaxation, which is precisely the favorite place of Rich and famous to carry out real estate investments and acquire luxury houses and villas that allows them to go completely unnoticed and live quietly.

It is even a place that is known as “where luxury is hidden“, since it is the most discreet and luxurious refuge of millionaires in southern Europe, where the offer is wide and the prices extremely high, since if you thought that the prices of properties in Marbella were high, here they are much more, since there are villas that can reach up to 20 million euros, in areas very close to the sea and with completely luxury finishes; However there are very few in this price, the most common go from the million euros and the cap is approximately 10 million.

In Sotogrande Costa you can find mansions that are around 12 million euros, but at the same time have great qualities, such as: 1,300 square meters, 12 rooms, 14 bathrooms and is built on a plot that exceeds 8,000 square meters.

Beach of Torreguadiaro: a quiet and familiar beach

One of the main attractions for travelers and visitors of any place is without a doubt the beach, and if you are one of them, then it is time to recommend that you do not miss the beach of Torreguadiaro, which has been rated By its own regulars as a place very calm and of familiar order, it is also important to emphasize that this coast has excellent services of lifeguards, in addition it is a place in which it is possible to carry out a series of aquatic sports and nautical activities, Also has bathroom service and showers.


Unlike other nearby beaches, such as those of Estepona, for example, whose waters are so calm that give the impression of being in a bay, this beach of Sotogrande has some waves, so you should always be cautious, especially if the visits with children.

During the weekends and the summer months is when more concentration of tourists both local and foreign you will be able to observe. Being also of great importance to emphasize that to the surroundings you will find excellent places destined to the ingestion of tapas, typical in the country, as well as very good gastronomic options.

Restaurants near Torreguadiaro Beach

  • Chambao Sotogrande Beach Bar Club
  • Restaurant Rio Seco
  • Chiringuito Carrero
  • The Trammel of Augustine
  • The Verandah
  • Puratapa
  • China Town Restaurant
  • Inboca Gastrobar
  • Sotomaki Sushi Express
  • Chiringuito Bahia Limón

Real estate agencies in Sotogrande

Motivating for the splendor of the city and for the peace and tranquility it offers, today there is a large number of visitors with high purchasing power, especially adult couples who are fascinated and delighted by the luxuries of the area and after visiting Sotogrande make the decision to acquire a luxury apartments and houses, so we want to present you a list of some of the agencies that you can find in the area:

  • Sotogrande Home
  • Sotogrande Living
  • Sotoestates
  • LandCaster
  • Holme Sotogrande

Real Club Valderrama: considered one of the best golf courses

When we talk about Real Club Valderrama we can not leave aside the fantastic features that count and have allowed it to be classified, not only by itself but by its visitors as one of the best golf courses in the world.

real club valderrama
Golf is equally popular in the area, as on the Costa del Sol, so you can also find fields of high renown

It was inaugurated in 1974, date for which it was known as Las Aves, but it was not until 1985 when Mr. Jaime Ortiz Patiño when he founded the Real Club Valderrama. It has been the seat of the Volvo Masters on several occasions, especially in 1988, 1996, 2002 and in 2008, an event that brings together a large number of people.

For the year 1997 was the headquarters of the Ryder Cup and it was precisely in this place where the renowned Tiger Woods played his first Ryder Cup.

It is undoubtedly a dream field, with a very high level in each of the aspects that characterize it, which has allowed it to become a total luxury for the country. Its own visitors are not afraid to assure that the clubhouse of the place is a true temple of golf, and that touring it in its entirety is like being completely immersed in a great work of art of a great artist who paid no attention at all to the expenses .

It is such a surprising field that even one of the most common comments usually heard among visitors is: “In this field any type of player can feel like a professional if you do not notice the result”

The golfing atmosphere that is breathed in the area is unmatched, and every Wednesday night of August you can enjoy the best barbecues in a very relaxed atmosphere and in which is without a doubt a privilege to be.

It has its own collection of clothing, including hats, polos, bags, accessories, straps, wallets and even sweaters. As for the rates this year we can mention that the prices are as follows:

Green-Fee 18 holes has a cost of 330 Euros

Green-Fee 18 holes during weekends costs 350 Euros

Professional Pga costs about 150 Euros

Buggy 60 Euros

Palos De Alquiler (Taylor Made) 50 Euros

The Port of Sotogrande: one of the most beautiful of the Spanish coast

The purpose of the construction of this imposing and important Marina has been to greatly improve, as well as complete this globally recognized urbanization called Sotogrande, which was in full development when construction began. This port has the necessary maritime orientation, in addition it has managed to maintain over the years its vision of maximum quality, always providing a suitable family atmosphere and the tranquility that the people who decide to visit it.

port of sotogrande
It is an imposing port where you will find a great variety of shops, a 4 star hotel and luxurious properties

The land that was used for the construction of the same has a total of 542,585 square meters, which nowadays has a total of 1380 berths, more than 1420 properties in Sotogrande with impeccable quality, as well as A 4-star hotel that provides guests with excellent views and two areas dedicated to commerce with just over 140 locations, as well as a varadero, a series of covered ships dedicated to the wintering of boats and esplanades for warehousing and shrinking of boats .

And it is precisely in this way that the management of the construction of one of the most charming ports of the coast of Spain was carried out. We are sure that when you visit it you will be totally surprised and you will enjoy to the maximum of this place. It has an important human talent that will always be available to each of the visitors to ensure that such stay in the facility is not only pleasant but also memorable and totally satisfactory.

The Beach of Guadalquitón

This beautiful beach is located the city of San Roque in the Andalusian region of the Campo de Gibraltar in Spain. It is of small size since it counts only with little more than 2 kilometers of length and at least 70 meters of average width, is located between Punta Mala and the mouth of the river Guadalquitón, which is in charge of forming a small estuary, in the slope Meditarránea of the coast of the Field of Gibraltar.

This beach is located in a sparsely populated area, which is totally positive for the place, since it is in an excellent state of conservation and also its closest environment is of total pleasure to the visitors. In the east side of the beach you will find a neighborhood of Sotogrande’s Sanroquean origin.

According to the opinion of the tourists themselves who have approached this square in Sotogrande, one of the main qualities and benefits that it offers is, as mentioned above, there are no buildings in its surroundings, tourists feel full peace to be there, That there are no noises that disturb him, and it is even from this place that the british colony of Gibraltar, as well as Morocco in Africa, can be seen more clearly (on clear days); Which offers without a doubt a unique and unforgettable experience.

Sotogrande is in conclusion a place where luxury abounds, as well as real estate investments of high standing, since the peace and tranquility of the place is what allows the buyers, to feel at home, at the same time to go unnoticed , Since it is one of the areas where people of greater purchasing power seek properties for sale that meet their tastes and needs, in order to enjoy a glamorous life.

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